Timecode Automation Controller

Timecode and automation interface

CEDAR Cambridge Timecode Automation Controller

The Timecode Automation Controller (TAC) is a 1U rackmount unit that integrates CEDAR Cambridge within any studio using SMPTE/LTC timecode, and which adds advanced timecode and automation facilities to the System. It works at all standard frame rates from 24fps to 30fps, and allows you to display all timing information in standard SMPTE format, or in milliseconds, or samples.


For any combination of processing modules loaded at any given time, CEDAR Cambridge calculates the audio signal latency, and you can set the Timecode Automation Controller to use this as a timecode offset, thus ensuring that processed audio always remains aligned to video.

Furthermore, for any sample rate and frame rate, you can round the audio latency up to the nearest complete frame to ensure that CEDAR Cambridge will work in harmony with any audio or video workstation. You may also apply a timecode advance or delay of your choice to compensate for latencies outside CEDAR Cambridge, but which may still affect the synchronisation of the audio and video signals.


The TAC offers both Normal and Chase modes, and works in conjunction with the Event Manager and the File Processor, to allow you to automate all of the processing parameters within Cambridge itself.

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