CAM11: Limiter

Eight channels of high quality single-band limiting

CEDAR Cambridge Limiter

The CEDAR Cambridge Limiter is designed and coded to the highest 64-bit standards and is suitable for the most exacting mastering requirements. The Limiter is far more than simply a severe form of compressor with a very high ratio; it utilises a different signal path to achieve the desired results without unwanted side-effects. When compared with a compressor with a high ratio, you will find it to be much more musical in the way that it limits.

Protection from audio overloads

The Limiter prevents audio signals from exceeding a threshold, thus avoiding problems such as digital clipping and overloads elsewhere in the signal chain. When set up correctly, this will give protection from clipping with no audible degradation.


It offers up to eight simultaneous audio channels that you can process independently, or with linked gains, as desired.


You can select which channels are included in a link. Once you have done so, the maximum attenuation in the linked side-chain determines a single gain change for all the linked channels, preserving the soundfield. Unlinked channels are limited individually.

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