The Dynamics Processor

A complete suite of a compressor, upward expander and downward expander

CEDAR Cambridge Dynamics Processor

The 64-bit Dynamics Processor contains three powerful but precise modules: a compressor, an upward expander and a downward expander. Each of these modules offers eight audio channels, and you can use any combination of the processes simultaneously.


Designed to the very highest audio standards, all three modules offer precise envelopes with postive and negative read-ahead, so you can make the processing very transparent, or add punch to the sound.

Side-chain EQ

Each process offers CEDAR's powerful IIR 'Precision' side-chain EQ. This allows you to fine tune the Gain profile to respond to user-defined frequency ranges in the input signal.


Each process offers powerful linking facilities that you can use to create ducking, or to preserve the soundfield when processing multi-channel material.

Parallel processing

All three modules offer flexible parallel processing for increased flexibility in mastering applications.

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