CEDAR Audio And Digital City Studios clean up Opera Australia

CEDAR DHX dehisser

6 April 1999

A pioneer in the Australian audio industry, Digital City Studios has run three totally digital studios for more than eight years and has now been approached by Opera Australia to archive 2,000 hours of timecoded 1/4-inch tapes to timecode DAT. To achieve the highest quality results from these often hissy masters, they have purchased a CEDAR DHX dehisser.

Michael Gissing, Senior Engineer and proprietor says, "When we won the Opera Australia contract we stocked up on lint-free cloth, isopropyl alcohol and a CEDAR DHX dehisser. Past experience using CEDAR for Windows had shown that, for most of our applications, the Auto Dehiss software was perfect and certainly the most efficient module. We also found that pre-EQ of signals could further enhance the capacity of the dehiss modules. Eventually, we chose the new DHX dehisser for this job because it's a very flexible unit that we can move rapidly around the three studios without the encumberance of yet another computer. We were also pleased that the DHX didn't have (for us) redundant A/D and D/A convertors."

"Another bonus with the DHX is that our operators can dynamically ride both the threshold level and attenuation pots simultaneously, which isn't possible with computer software modules. The DHX is only just out of its box, but already we have started using it to clean up our sound effects library. With the workload booked, we may have to consider a second unit soon. We would also like to follow up the purchase of the first DHX in Australia with the first BRX+ debuzzer in Australia."

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